Free website development 

As a food business owner and proprietor , you know how important it is now to  have a genuine online presence and offer food delivery services to your customers. However, the high commission fees charged by food delivery companies can eat into your profits and will make you difficult to stay competitive.

That's where I come in. With my over two years experience working for major food delivery companies in Ireland and United kingdom , I understand the challenges that small businesses face when it comes to offering delivery services. That's why I'm offering to build you a free basic food delivery website and list you on, an upcoming marketplace for food business owners.

We have more than 1500 plus restaurants and takeaway listed on board and comfortably looking forward to lead in coming days. 

By taking advantage of this offer, you'll be able to save money on commission fees and take control of your own delivery services. Plus, with, you'll have access to a wider audience of potential customers who are looking for local food options.

So if you're tired of paying high commission fees and want to take control of your own delivery services, contact me today to discuss your options. Together, we can help

***Domain name and payment merchant account required .***

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